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Welcome to the website of Administrative Agency (AA)!

Administrative Agency (AA) is an entity set up to help Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) to ensure the Content Service Providers’ (CSP) compliance with the voluntary Code (Code) on chargeable mobile content services (MCS) delivered through short messaging services (SMS)/ multimedia messaging services (MMS) issued by the members of the Hong Kong mobile industry through its representative body, the Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK).

AA is responsible to (i) assess CSPs’ capability of and securing their pledges in complying with the relevant requirements stipulated in this Code; (ii) monitor the CSP’s continual compliance with this Code; and (iii) issue and renew the letter of positive assessment (LPA).

A CSP should obtain from the AA a letter of positive assessment that the CSP is capable of complying and has pledged to comply with the relevant requirements stipulated in this Code before entering into a commercial contract with a MNO and MVNO to procure delivery and billing services in respect of its MCS. To ensure the continual compliance by the CSP to which a LPA has been issued, the CSP has to renew its LPA annually.

If the CSP has been the valid LPA holder, regular update to AA for compliance checking is necessary in case of new MCS was set up with new short code provided by MNOs. It is not necessary to update AA for any changes of the existing MCS in the same short code but the changing content should be complied with the Code.

If a MNO needs to refer any complaint case to the CSP, please fill in the complaint form in our ‘Services Section’.

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