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Application procedures of LPA :

A CSP is required to fill in the application form and register with the required company information. AA will open a new account for the registration by acknowledgement with log-in username and password.

The CSP, please log in with the username and password to fill in the on-line application form of LPA in English and upload all necessary supplementary copies and contents of all MCS, and press submit button. The CSP needs to print the copy of the form, signed with company chop, then send to the AA for processing. AA will issue LPA within 14 working days upon completed information is received. Further notification to the applicant will be issued. The CSP will be recorded on the list of valid LPA holder upon approval. The applicant needs to update the service short code provided by individual MNO, hence, the profile of the CSP on the website and the application will be completed.

For new MCS updated, please login in with your username and password to retrieve your record for updating. AA will send the notification on the related CSPs within 10 working days.

Compliance Checking /Complaint Handling Procedures :

A MNO/MVNO/Third Parties can fill in the complaint form (the first part) in English and submit. The form will be sent to the related CSP and copied to AA. The CSP should submit a report to AA in 5 working days upon receipt of the complaint form, and AA will refer to point 7.1 – 7.7 of the Code for the handling procedures.

Appeal Procedures :

The appeal authority will handle appeals in relation to the following matters: (a)Application and renewal of Letter of Positive Assessment (LPA); (b)Warning and suspension instruction issued to individual CSPs; and (c)Revocation of CSP’s LPA. A CSP can fill in the appeal form (the first part) in English and submit to the Appeal Authority.

Please notice that a CSP should pay HK$2,000 for each appeal case. If the result of the case is successful to the CSP, this amount would be refunded.

Renewal Procedures :

AA will send the renewal form to the CSPs by not less than 45 days in advance of annual LPA service due. The CSPs need to settle the payment and return relevant receipts, the renewal process will be completed. The new service date of the CSP will be updated and shown in the expiry date field in the profile. The CSP will be treated as termination if failed to response before end of the LPA service date.

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